Individual Coaching
Team Coaching 
Project Coaching

You can't teach a man anything. 
You can only help him to discover it in himself."
(Galileo Galilei)

To see clearly, often all it takes
          is to change the point of view."       
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) 

Coaching -vs- Training: 

Other than a classical training, coaching does not provide any direct solutions. A coach accompanies the development of own solutions.

Coaching refers to structured discussions between a coach and a coachee (client), e.g. on everyday professional issues (leadership, communication and cooperation). Goals of these discussions range from assessment and development of personal competencies and perspectives to suggestions for self-reflection and the overcoming of conflicts with employees, colleagues or supervisors. 

The coach acts as a neutral, critical discussion partner and uses methods from the entire spectrum of personnel and management development, depending on the target.